Medical Interpreting Training (Second Payment)


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Congratulations on joining the fastest growing profession in the United States of America with an 19% projected growth to the year 2028! We are excited to create a virtual classroom for the new professionals, those who share our vision of equality and equal access to public services in a culturally diverse environment!

Equal Access Language Services is a licensed trainer of the TCI. In addition, we have the collective experience of hundreds of interpretation encounters in the one of the best hospitals in the United States of America and the one with the largest international patient populations in the country. 

Why should I take the TCI?

  • It is recognized in every state of the USA
  • It fulfills the 40-hour requirement for the interpreting certification in healthcare
  • It counts towards your professional development
  • It helps your interpreting brand as it is required for contractual work by any language company
  • This training will prepare you to serve the community in medical, educational, and social services settings.

Why should I take my training with Equal Access Language Services?

  • The goal of our trainings is to eliminate language-based discrimination and improve outcomes for the LEP community. Inequalities based on lack of effective communication with the LEP community result in poor outcomes in healthcare and other essential public services. If you are an aspiring interpreter or bilingual staffer aspiring to use your linguistic skills to serve your community, this is the training for you! 

What are the pre-requisites to take the training?

    • Be 18 years or older
    • Be proficient in at least two languages. NOTE: We recommend that you have tested your language proficiency. Check the ILR scale government scale. If you score at least a 3, you can take the training!
  • Be prepared to be present during the 40 hours of the training. You need to be present the entire time to get the certificate. If you can’t make it on a specific day, please contact us as we will need to coordinate with you for a make-up date: info@equalaccesslanguageservices.com You will receive the certificate once you have completed the 40 hours.

  • Have a computer with zoom

What is the location of the training?

  • Online, via zoom. You must download zoom to your computer prior to the training. Once you are registered you will receive a link two days before the training.

How do I register?

  • You will click the button “Register Here” which will take you to a payment page. Once you have completed payment, you will be registered!


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