January 31st - 2023

Introduction to Language Access

Introduction to Language Access January 31 marks the beginning of our webinars on Language Access, Language Justice and Language Rights.

We are set out to disrupt our culture around multilingualism. The key concepts we discussed during our webinar are:

  1. Analyze our country’s history with regards to language diversity.
  2. Identify the impact of Language barriers as it applies to your profession and specific function.
  3. Apply the concepts and resources of a language access framework in your work life

The main take away of our webinar is that we need a team’s approach to re-think language access. The natural allies of the multilingual communities are the linguists and the DEIAB officers and as such they have a duty to advocate for the extant policies and practices. We have created, at a glance resource for anyone who wants to be an advocate and ally of the topic of Language Access.

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